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  • br Fig Blockade of TGF


    Fig. 7. Blockade of TGF-βRI reduces CD73 expression in CeCa cells. CaSki (A) and HeLa (B) Nivolumab (1 × 105) were cultured with 1 mM Ado in the presence or absence of 25 μM SB505124, selective inhibitor of TGF-β type I receptors. After 96 h, CD73 expression on the cell membrane was analyzed by flow cytometry (A and B), and TGF-β1 content was analyzed by ELISA (C and D). Data are representative of three independent experiments, and the averages ± SEM are shown. Significant differences are indicated with respect to cells without treatment (basal expression) as *(p < 0.05), **(p < 0.005), and ***(p < 0.001).
    Appendix A. Supplementary data
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